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4 Haddington Terrace
Dun Laoghaire, , Co. Dublin

Phone: 01 214 56 34

Fax: 01 663 9735


Kilkenny Office:

24 Patrick Street

Kilkenny Town

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We are currently moving offices! Our new address is
4 Haddington Terrace, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

If you are experiencing difficulties in reaching our office phones during this time, please feel free to contact Dr. Randall on 086 832 7410

About Forensic Psychological Services

FPS provides services both at individual and organisational level. We undertake work for the public and private sector. Agencies who commission our services include the HSE, the legal and medical professions, the Courts, private therapeutic agencies and individual therapists, the Gardai, academic institutions, professional bodies, and individual clients.

The scope of our service includes psychological assessments, risk assessments, victim impact assessments, parenting capacity assessments (section 47), the provision of expert witness testimony in Family, Civil, and Criminal Courts, individual and group psychotherapy, the development and collaborative implementation of behavioural support plans and specialist intervention packages for children and adults with behavioural/emotional difficulties, input into academic courses, supervision and training to professionals, placements for psychologists training in the fields of clinical, counselling and forensic psychology.


We provide clinical services for a wide range of clients, including

  • Perpetrators: people who have become involved with the legal system by committing a criminal offence, including people who have committed sexual offences, drug offences, murder, arson, kidnapping, theft, robbery, etc.

  • Victims: those who have been victimised through a criminal offence, accident, or unfair treatment. by others (including employers, professional bodies, government agencies,...)

  • Families: people who are investigated by the Health Service Executive, particularly in relation to traumatic injury/death of a child

  • Parents: Capacity to parent

  • Members of the clergy: who are investigated by religious or legal bodies or are in need of support

  • Children and Adolescents: who present with challenging or harmful behaviour, including inappropriate sexual behaviour

  • People with intellectual disabilities: who present with challenging or harmful behaviour, including inappropriate sexual behaviour

  • Professionals: Support and Supervision, Training, Consultations

  • Courts: Expert Testimony